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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to assist debtors with eradicating some or all of their debt.  

  • Discharge debt in Chapter 7                                  
  • Stop garnishments and harassment by creditors.                                                              
  • Stop foreclosures and lawsuits.                  
  • Stop repossessions.
​Debt such as child support is considered non-dischargeable.  Taxes, however, may be dischargeable in part or as a whole.  
You may choose to either discharge secured debt by surrendering collateral or reaffirm the debt to keep it.
A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is designed to assist debtors who are looking to pay back part or all of their debt, whether it is real property or non-dischargeable debt.
  • Eliminate or Consolidate debt.                   
  • Pay taxes.                                                                  
  • Stop garnishments and harassment by creditors.                                                                      
  • Stop foreclosures and lawsuits.                          
  • Stop repossessions. 
​In order to qualify for a Chapter 13, you mush have a steady source of income.  If your level of income changes, you may have the option of coverting to Chapter 7 or a complete dismissal.


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In addition to consumer bankruptcies, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the following types of cases: 
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